Vertical gardens: how long do they last? How much maintenance should I expect?


But how long do vertical gardens last? How much maintenance do they require throughout their lifespan? These are the questions that we hear more often from clients thinking of installing a green wall in their space. The answer, of course, depends on the type of vertical garden and its position.

The lifespan of preserved vertical gardens

When we talk of preserved green walls, we refer to natural vertical gardens whose elements have undergone a special treatment known as preservation. This highly delicate process consists of replacing the natural sap in each natural specimen with a fully-biodegradable preservative, a substance similar to sugar, granting the plants practically unlimited life.

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Preservation is a natural and sustainable technique, allowing to create innovative and long-lasting vertical gardens that are aesthetically perfect and require no maintenance

Thanks to this technique, plants are able to retain their natural freshness and flexibility for many years, staying as perfect as on the first day. The natural specimens used for the creation of our vertical gardens are picked and subjected to preservation at the peak of their life cycle, thus crystallising their splendour and beauty forever.

The outward appearance of the plant remains totally unaltered. By looking at it or touching it, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a greenery element that has not been stabilised as opposed to one that has, the only difference being that the latter will last for a very long time – in fact, for many years.

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How long do vertical gardens last once they have been preserved?

Once preserved, vertical gardens will normally last for numerous years, with minimal or no variation in their outward appearance. We cannot give a more precise figure, as how long a vertical garden will last depends on a variety of factors, but we are certainly talking many years.

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In any case, high-quality preserved vertical gardens can last well over ten years and will remain as perfect, beautiful, fresh and flexible as on the day they were installed.

The most important thing is not to expose them to the weather and, obviously not to let them get wet: water is indeed the only real enemy of vertical gardens, as it is able to interrupt preservation and thus cause the deterioration process to reactivate.

Obviously, other factors that may affect how long a green wall will last and how beautiful it will stay over time include direct sunlight exposure, excessive touching (plants that have been damaged through human touch will not be able to regrow and renew themselves), as well as particularly high humidity rates. Therefore, the only thing you can really do for a vertical garden is…  forget about it! Or, we should say, only remember about it when you wish to admire its beauty, as it does not need any maintenance whatsoever, and, in fact, the least you touch it, the more it will last.

Cleaning is also easy and quick: preserved vertical gardens have no electrostatic charge and therefore do not collect dust (just like they do not attract insects). In order to remove any dust particles that are naturally present in the air, simply blow with a light air jet occasionally.