Benetti Home between colours, technology and design


Do you want to personalise your interiors? Do you want to give unleash your creative soul?

Turn your home into a true experimental hub. Decorate the spaces with a green hope, choosing the innovative Vertical Gardens by Benetti Home, also available in other bright colours and fully customisable.

Veritical art that lives a life of its own

Imagine looking up and being immersed in colours that remind you of spring gardens...

Thanks to the iconic Benetti Home Veritical Gardens, you will be immersed in nature. Formed from 100% natural and stabilized lichen, practical to install and with no need for future maintenance, vertical gardens are a truly unique and above all environmentally sustainable product.

The environment acquires a modern look and the installation of lichens and leafs of different nature, applicable on every surface and wall, gives a contemporary touch to the house.  The Vertical Gardens are nature and art.

Benetti Moss, Gabon Wood Hub, Libreville, Gabon