Between colours and hexagons, Benetti Home presents Shoreditch


Colour is one of the symbols of summer, the must have for excellence. The bright and warm season recalls the need to express your own joy and creativity through bright colours, which give brilliance.

Hexagon is the perfect shape, functional and elegant, which represents balance, harmony and beauty. And what if the brightness of summer colours meets the geometric perfection of the hexagon?

Give brightness and value to your interiors with the Shoreditch series

Benetti Home’s versatility and creativity brought the company to develop a product that using colored hexagons gives value and brightness to interiors.

Benetti Home presents Shoreditch, a series with a hexagonal shape which is part of the Design collection of MR. FLOCK, that matched with Benetti MOSS creating an inedit and exclusive combination.

MR. FLOCK, a product with novel features from a technical point of view and with a formidable aesthetic impact, represents the perfect contract solution for offices, hotels, restaurants, bars and retail spaces. From a technical point of view, MR. FLOCK panel consists of a polyurethane backing, a compact, lightweight and soundproofing substrate, which is engraved to obtain the various graphics and then treated with the flocking technique (velveting), which makes the surface soft and pleasant to the touch.

The possibility of adding Benetti MOSS makes it unique on the market. Benetti MOSS is a 100% natural and preserved lichen called cladonia stellaris, which is harvested in the forests of Northern Europe and is confirmed as a product with great natural appeal, requires no maintenance.

The Shoreditch series is made in various sizes, with different graphics, from lines to concentric hexagons, that allows the customer to play with colours matches, choosing from the 16 colours available in MR. FLOCK collection, combined on request to Benetti MOSS in all its 12 shades, creating a harmony of colors on the walls of each interior area.

Shoreditch is the perfect combination that represents the infinite creativity of Benetti Home, which is able to expand the design capacity of its products multiplying the application solutions and making the projects more interesting and attractive.

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