Zaikaki Indian Restaurant: Benetti's design excellence in dining


In 2023, the partnership between Benetti and the SK TOUCH studio for the interior design of the Zaikaki Indian Restaurant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, brought together innovation, customization, and precision execution to create an extraordinary experience. This collaboration resulted in a stunning mosaic wall crafted from Benetti's BATIK MOSAIC and a pendant chandelier adorned with Benetti Moss.

Exclusive Customization:

One of the walls of the Zaikaki Indian Restaurant has been transformed into a unique work of art thanks to the BATIK MOSAIC, a resin mosaic artfully curated by Benetti. Benetti brings the client's vision to life with the use of BATIK MOSAIC, a lightweight, thin, and inherently personalized mosaic. The choice of mosaic, the CREAM color, and the design represented perfectly complement the environment, giving the restaurant an unparalleled aura of sophistication.

The versatility of BATIK MOSAIC extends from indoor to outdoor spaces, catering to a diverse range of environments—from chic offices to serene spas, luxurious pools to contemporary kitchens—making it the ideal choice for architects and designers seeking to bring their creative visions to life.

Benetti for Zaikaki Indian Restaurant in Jeddah, Arabia Saudita

Manufacturing process:

Throughout the particular manufacturing process, precision was paramount. The resulting design showcases Benetti's meticulous craftsmanship, with an innovative pattern where each 2x2 cm tile contributes to a visually stunning masterpiece.

Further intervention by Benetti focused on the base of the pendant chandelier. Crafted in the same natural CREAM shade, the chandelier's surface boasts Benetti Moss, offering a captivating interplay of colors under illumination, enveloping guests in an ambiance of elegance and refinement.

Benetti for Zaikaki Indian Restaurant in Jeddah, Arabia Saudita

The combination of BATIK MOSAIC and Benetti Moss has elevated every surface into a work of art, adding a distinctive touch to the environment and establishing the Zaikaki Indian Restaurant as a must-visit destination for enthusiasts of design and fine dining alike.