Wall gardens as functional design element


The vertical garden has become an element of design and is increasingly used to furnish spaces thanks to its impactful aesthetics and its ability to generate wellbeing both at a visual and tactile level.

A welcoming vertical garden

A moss wall can be used to welcome you at the entrance of a reception area like in Hospitalia, a clinic in Barhain that choose a large green Benetti MOSS wall for its imposing aesthetics due also to its contrast with the modern style of the hall and the other spaces of the building. You can feel the sense of relaxation and wellbeing which combine with the function of the clinic intended for personal care.

Benetti Moss, Yara Clinic, Budaya, Bahrain

A formal and elegant design

A clean and minimalist design and at the same time a great aesthetic impact…the airline Sky valet decided to use a Benetti MOSS vertical garden to give a green touch to the spaces intended for its business clients in different airports. In Madrid, a large green band was used to recall the structure with strong horizontal lines of the hall for a refined effect and modern elegance.

Benetti Moss, Sky Valet, Madrid Airport

Green wall becomes art

In the headquarters of Kilroy in California, a great green painting shows a clever use of lichen of different chromatic tones that create an abstract work of art where natural elements replace color for a green style.

Benetti Moss Camouflage, Kilroy Realty, California, USA