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Wall decoration: Design & Performance.


Benetti Home took part in the Decor Lab workshop-event "Wall decorations, design and performance" last Thursday 28th October with a speech entitled " The Moss Wall, a solution between ecology and design". A stimulating dialogue, a special opportunity to present the original green walls, functional and high design products, together with all the benefits that these decorative solutions offer in terms of individual well-being.


The decorations on the vertical garden match Benetti Home's "Italian Design Motion" philosophy. Italy because, as we know, it is the pole of attraction for Design, a true point of reference also at international level. Emotion because feelings are fundamental in life, both at work and in the home. Motion because our green walls convey a feeling of serenity and peace.

The revolution of Benetti Home's green walls is that they are completely natural and maintenance free. They are quality design objects, versatile and installable in any type of environment. In addition, they can be totally customized according to your personal taste - from color to the creation of real logos or writings for our clients.


Green is the color of nature, of hope, and the benefits that nature has on humans are clear and scientifically proven.

Living in closed and aseptic environments has an extremely dangerous effect on the individual. Difficulty in concentrating, irritability, fatigue, anxiety and high stress are just some of the various pathologies that can arise in an who is confined to live (or work) for several hours in an environment that is not healthy. The integration of a natural element such as Benetti's green walls completely transforms the environment, with a real benefit for the health of the people who live or work in the place for several hours a day.


Benetti Moss vertical gardens are natural bio-indicators and purifiers. In fact, as well as being sound-absorbent - they reduce noise pollution - and maintain air humidity at 30/40% - the minimum percentage for a person's well-being. If you have a green wall in your room, you will be able to touch the green, and if it is too dry, it will be a real warning signal for your health and consequently you will be aware that the air humidity is too low. Furthermore, Benetti Moss does not attract dust, on the contrary, it captures any toxic substances in the air.