Vertical Gardens: Innovation And Wellness By Benetti Moss


Scientific studies attest to the multiple benefits of vertical gardens in clinical and hospital environments. Discover with us how the vertical garden wall is an innovation that goes beyond mere decoration and completely transforms healthcare spaces. 

The Green Wall In Clinics, An Indispensable Ally:

In addition to significantly improving air quality, the green wall brings a genuine touch of nature to clinical spaces. Its presence creates a green and welcoming atmosphere, helping to reduce stress levels, enhance concentration, and promote the overall well-being of users. It possesses remarkable antibacterial, hypoallergenic, aseptic, and air purifying properties. Its ability to regulate humidity at an optimal level prevents the proliferation of bacteria, thus creating a more hygienic environment. Furthermore, its resistance to dust helps maintain healthier air for respiratory passages, further improving the overall quality of the healthcare environment. 

Zero Maintenance:

Benetti Moss is characterized by its zero maintenance, representing a smart investment for healthcare environments. Its resistance to dust and insects not only helps maintain aesthetics over time but also plays a fundamental role in hygiene, an essential characteristic of clinical environments. The natural and sustainable stabilization of Benetti Moss ensures continuous cleanliness over time and allows the creation of innovative spaces that maintain their original freshness.

Its ability to withstand daily wear and tear without requiring cleaning or maintenance interventions makes it a valuable ally for healthcare staff, allowing them to focus on care without worrying about additional burdens related to interior management. 

In this way, Benetti Moss is not just a decorative element but proves to be an investment that continues to offer lasting benefits, keeping clinical environments clean, attractive, and functional over time, contributing to the well-being of both patients and medical staff.