Vertical gardens enhance offices, talking with Carlos Lachner


When it comes to enjoying the scenic presence of green in interiors combined with the positive effects in terms of relaxation and well-being generated by this element, there is no limit. Carlos Lachner, landscape architect from Costa Rica, tells us about his experience with BenettiMOSS vertical gardens.

Easy to place and maintenance-free

Carlos Lachner is enthusiastic about the unique BenettiMOSS product, because it’s easy to install and very easy to manage, does not require maintenance and represents the perfect alternative to the vertical vegetable garden, when you want to enjoy the green in your home or office. Actually, a vertical vegetable garden requires water, drainage, various maintenance and pruning of the plants. As a landscape architect, Carlos knows what such a commitment means.

Benetti Moss Grass, Amazon Office, Costa Rica

When light is scarce or watering is a problem...

"I love vertical gardens - he says - but I believe that there is always an alternative and that there will always be customers for vertical vegetable gardens and customers for BenettiMOSS. There are situations, inside homes or offices, where I absolutely prefer to choose BenettiMOSS, especially when light is scarce or irrigation is a problem. In these cases, Benetti represents the ideal alternative because it guarantees maximum aesthetic appeal of indoor green with zero maintenance.”

Between versatility and creativity...

"The positioning of the BenettiMOSS panel within the offices of a corporate can be of various types - continues Carlos. For Amazon it was a multi-storey building, with four lobbies on each floor, a reception with the Amazon logo and the product was installed around the logo; for Hoover it was in the reception and for TexasTech it was used on a large wall, whereas for Sony Music we created with BenettiMOSS the silhouette of a woman, a singer with an afro look.

Right now we are working for Microsoft, which has just moved into a new building. The offices are very large, each office has a different theme with different colours, there are different graphics on each floor, so we have proposed various solutions where to use BenettiMOSS in an original way while differentiating the aesthetic impact."

Benetti Moss Grass, Sony music offices, Costa Rica