The vertical garden changes its color


The vertical garden became an integral part of the furniture of residential spaces, offices and stores. The color chosen the most is green for its connection to the world of nature and the wellbeing offered by green spaces. There are more colors that convey emotions and Benetti MOSS provides moss walls with different nuances.

Benetti MOSS offers quality products with a wide range of colors

Benetti MOSS is vertical garden made with 100% natural and stabilized lichen. It is fire-retardant and long-lasting, and it also doesn’t need watering and it doesn’t attract insects or dust. Moreover, it offers a wide selections of colors for a creative and personalized result according to the tastes and desires of the most eclectic and original clients!

Benetti Moss Camouflage

The color of emotions

Green wall? Why not yellow, blue or fuchsia? Each project has a different shape, a particular cut and a different color to give unique emotions to your realizations

Warm and cozy autumn colors can give comfort and pleasure to your interiors!

Benetti Moss Sunset

The deep blue color of seabed, the light blue of the sky and the aquamarine of the sea create a calm and relaxing atmosphere!

Benetti Moss Ocean

Happy and sparkling, fuchsia is a great color to boost creativity and cheer you up!

Benetti Moss Fuxia