The vertical garden of Benetti Home in interior airport spaces of Sky Valet


BENETTI HOME, company specialized in interior vertical garden, consolidated its collaboration with SKY VALET, brand FBO of "Aéroports de la Côte D'Azur" group which in this moment represents a network of 31 FBO located in the most iconic destination of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Bulgaria.

The green wall of Benetti Home to enhance the hospitality of Sky Valet guests

Started in 2017, the collaboration has developed over time. Benetti Home dealt with the interiors of three airports where Sky Valet is located, working on the design and the construction of green walls for the Spanish airports of Ibiza in 2017 and later in 2019 in Madrid and Barcelona.

The green wall of Benetti Home made in moss had the goal to enhance the hospitality of Sky Valet guests, expert travelers, such as reception area, the corridor that leads to the lounge and the passenger lounge, with the aim to contribute to the guest wellness by reducing the stress of the journey. 

The product used is Benetti moss, the zero-maintenance vertical garden for interiors made with a 100% natural and stabilized lichen, easy to manage, ensuring stability and durability over time. A modern and sophisticated product with a strong aesthetic and scenic impact, which instills positive effects on the state of wellness created by the presence of the 'green' element in line with Sky Valet mission: to provide high standards of services for travelers so that they can be comfortable waiting for their next journey.

Benetti Moss for Sky Valet, Ibiza Airport, Private Jet Terminal

Ecological, economic and social benefits thanks to the green walls of Benetti Home

The common areas of Sky Valet in Madrid and Barcelona airports have been enhanced with moss grass panels, with standard dimension 60x80cm, while in the Ibiza airport there is a custom panel with a design that recall sea waves, with two different shades of green, moss grass and moss forest, perfect to add a personal and original element.

Improving wellness in interior spaces, purifying air, regulating humidity and temperature of the environment, reducing noise, increasing the time of stay of the guest, the green walls of Benetti Home ensure ecological, economic and social benefits. Living walls increase productivity, promote more social interactions and act as sound barriers thanks to sound-absorbing qualities and certified flame-retardant properties, which are essential requirements for airport interiors.

The versatility and creativity of Benetti Home, which is always able to create unique products and based on personal requirements of brands, represented the ideal partner for Sky Valet to offer its guests an intangible added value, wellness.

Benetti Moss for Sky Valet, Ibiza Airport, Vip Lounge