The Udinese Sky Box dress Benetti Moss


Benetti Home, a consolidated and dynamic Italian company offering original and personalized vertical garden walls, has recently started a prestigious collaboration with Udinese Calcio, Italian football society that plays in Serie A, the major football championship in Italy.

An innovative partnership that consists with the installation of exceptional interior vertical gardens in the Sky Box rooms of Bluenergy Stadium, the Udinese stadium.

Udinese Calcio transforms Sky Box rooms: round panels and a green wall with Benetti Moss

Real living rooms equipped with the best comforts that allow you to enjoy the football match with privacy, as well as enjoy dedicated services, the Sky Box rooms have been decorated with a vertical panel made with Benetti Moss.

Udinese Calcio, with the aim of enhance and enrich Sky Box rooms making them more welcoming, has entrusted Benetti Home with the creation of 14 round panels to be placed in each of the rooms. A 120 cm diameter for each panel, realized with Benetti Moss, with the traditional Grass color, which refers to the below football field and transports the guests in the warming atmosphere of the stadium.

Moreover, in the external corridor that leads to the reserved Sky Box rooms has been placed a vertical wall made on commission, 200x350 cm in Moss Grass, for a spectacular effect and great impact at first sight.

Round panel in Benetti Moss, 120cm diameter

Benetti Home in the interior design project

The request for the realization of panels arrived with the desire of the football society to renew the environment, entrusted to the ARCHITETTURE STP (Sordina Torno Partners) of Barbara Sordina in Milan, that turned to Benetti Home for the interior design.

The collaboration started with Udinese Calcio underlines once more the strength of Benetti Home: its ability to present customized projects and services able to satisfy the requests of clients which are part of different sectors.