A trendy restaurant in Manila


Architect Tomaso Piantini of arcHITects, a Milan-based architecture firm, has signed the design for the 'Salvatore Cuomo Café,' a restaurant in Manila, Philippines, in 2019 by Salvatore Cuomo, an Italian from Naples, a chef best known in Japan, where he runs more than 100 establishments with a specialization in pizzerias, and who also runs establishments throughout Asia. In the Manila restaurant, the first "Salvatore Cuomo Café" to open in the Philippines, the pizza concept is less present, although the iconic 'Salvatore Cuomo' branding stands out on the imposing oven encased in a column of riveted copper panels, and the striking hat above the bar is made of oven blades that recreate the pizza theme in an original way.

Benetti Moss - a scenery reminder of the green

'Salvatore Cuomo Cafe' has a light and fresh format and is located inside the centrally located mall 'The Podium' in Manila's business district. Popular for both business lunches and dinner, it offers a relaxing space within the chaotic city. The restaurant covers 200 square meters with well-divided bright spaces and a patio with veranda, totaling more than 80 covers.

'The Podium' mall is characterized by numerous natural references, starting with the green covering of the facade. In conceiving the design for the 'Salvatore Cuomo Cafe,' architect Piantini chose to recall the green idea suggested by the mall's exterior inside the restaurant. Many of the tables have incredibly realistic plants in the center, and the large Benetti Moss wall at the entrance to the restaurant is a scenic reminder of green.

Benetti Moss Forest, Salvatore Cuomo Cafè, Manila, Philippines

Cladonia Stellaris, the evergreen with memorable impact

The Benetti Moss wall measures 5x4 meters and was designed so that it would become one of the distinctive elements of the restaurant. It is one of the few supplies imported directly, while much of the furniture was manufactured or purchased locally. Made from Cladonia Stellaris, a 100% natural and stabilized lichen collected from the forests of Northern Europe, the wall offers a distinctive image with great aesthetic impact. The collaboration between arcHITects and Benetti Home has developed over time in other projects where the vertical garden was included for a shopping center and in a major office renovation in Milan.

Benetti Moss Forest, Salvatore Cuomo Cafè, Manila, Philippines

BigSee Awards, awards ceremony under the banner of green

Manila's 'Salvatore Cuomo Cafè' was awarded the prestigious 2022 BigSee Award by the Slovenian design association, a recognition that draws support from prestigious brands such as Gaggenau, Hansgrohe, Geberit, Nordica, Tekcell. The award for the interior category was givne to arcHITects on May 5, 2022 at an event held in Ljubljana.

Benetti Moss Forest, Salvatore Cuomo Cafè, Manila, Philippines