From supermarkets to stores, in different shapes and sizes, vertical green invades the world of retail!


The shopping experience evolves and changes continuously, and stores must always be flexible in changing their strategies to attract and retain even the most demanding shoppers. And today, more frequently than in the past, we are looking for natural elements and the well-being generated by greenery. Moss walls, therefore, become real must-haves to bring nature indoors.

Benetti MOSS enters your shopping

Benetti MOSS offers a valuable solution for commercial spaces! Benetti MOSS is an indoor vertical garden made of 100% natural and stabilized lichen. Easy to install and versatile in application, it is also simple to maintain. In fact, it does not require water or special care in terms of cleaning as, thanks to the absence of electrostatic charge, it does not attract dust or insects!

Benetti Moss Grass, Biologisch: Edeka Ankermann, Meine, Germany

Relaxing, engaging, impactful ...

Indoor greenery and, in particular, green walls are also a source of relaxation and comfort, in terms of appearance and tactility. The pleasure of touching a green wall is a simple and unique sensation at the same time, while green color (the most chosen color) offers benefits in terms of stress reduction and psychophysical well-being.

Benetti Moss Grass, Yves Rocher, Istanbul, Turkey

Greenery in your shopping experience

In different ways, in a creative and surprising way, the green wall becomes a unique element for stores and commercial establishments that want to stand out, guaranteeing their customers moments of pleasant serenity during their shopping experience.