Planet Organic for Benetti Home


In London, 6 out of 17 stores have adopted Benetti Home’s Java Vertical Gardens, creating a striking and original effect.

PLANET ORGANIC is a renowned sales chain specializing in natural foods and 100% biological products for health, nutrition and personal care. Founded in 2005, it is the largest biological retailer in the United Kingdom.  

Their shared passion for nature and green led to this collaboration. Indeed, what better way to showcase the vertical gardens than in a store that specializes in biological products, reminiscent of nature in an aesthetic and relaxing way?

PLANET ORGANIC stores in London

Both companies take the same sustainable approach: PLANET ORGANIC avoids the use of plastic in the packaging of its products while Benetti Home offers a green wall adapted to plastic-free context, naturally preserved and whose vegetation can be regenerated or entirely recycled.

This collaboration began in 2013 with architect Steve Moore of Décorlia. He chose Benetti Home’s products for their high quality and originality, unique in this market. In addition, the 100% Vertical Garden has natural characteristics and requires no maintenance, a strong argument in the retail and food industry, where a rigorous hygiene standard is required.

Wealthy Green Wall

BENETTI’s zero-maintenace vertical garden for interiors is made from 100% natural and preserved lichen, which is easy to manage, starting with installation, which is very simple and can be planned during the design phase or even later  in already furnished spaces. This product also offers advantages from the point of view of cleaning thanks to the absence of static charge that does not attract dust, ensuring stability and durability, as well as being undesirable to insects.

In addition to the technical and hygienic aspects of the gardens, there is also the aesthetic effect they have on the customers of the store. They dress a wall with elegance and creativity and bring a sense of calm, tranquility and peace. This way, customers can fully enjoy their shopping experience in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The sight and the touch of this “green” element create positive effects of relaxation and wellbeing.