MR. FLOCK goes to London


MR. FLOCK, the new collection by Benetti Home, is a product with novel features from a technical point of view and with a formidable aesthetic impact that represents the perfect contract solution for offices, hotels, restaurants, bars and retail spaces.

A surprising array of graphic aesthetic and thematic declinations

The MR. FLOCK comes with a very rich catalog, offering a surprising array of graphic aesthetic and thematic declinations, including: THE STRAND, reproductions of iconic monuments of the world's cities; LITTLE ITALY, with delicate floral motifs and verses of famous poems; HACKNEY, for those who love round graphics; SHOREDITCH for a foray into hexagonal shapes.

And then, again, graphics that recall a world of London metropolitan suggestions: PICCADILLY CIRCUS, FITZROVIA, BLOOMSBURY, GREENWICH, KING'S ROAD, WESTMINSTER, REGENT STREET... because a collection called MR. FLOCK cannot fail to call to mind the atmospheres and suggestions of London, its mists, its colors, the red double deckers, the theaters, the pubs, the docks along the Thames.

MR. FLOCK, Piece of Art collection, Beatles meeting room

We like to think of him as MR. FLOCK.

New architectures have altered the city's skyline, but the charm of a historic establishment that smells of woods, aromas and antiques, that remains.

In a corner, sitting on a snug velvet armchair, a figure half-hidden in the half-light can be glimpsed, slowly savoring a cigar. It is someone who belongs to the narrative of the new BenettiHOME collection.

We like to think of him as MR. FLOCK.