Moss Wall For Interior Swimming Pools And Wellness Spaces


In spaces dedicated to wellness, such as indoor pools and spas, ambiance and design play a crucial role in creating a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. Currently, there is a growing trend towards selecting sustainable and natural interior décor solutions, and within this context, the vertical green stands out as an eco-friendly choice that enhances the allure of indoor spaces.

Advantages of Moss Green Walls for Indoor Pools and Spas:

Stabilized lichen offers benefits for air quality and humidity regulation. The presence of natural elements as vertical gardens can help alleviate stress and foster the well-being of occupants, making it an ideal feature for pools and spas aiming to cultivate a welcoming and revitalizing ambiance.

Romania- Private Villa- Project by Sami Bumbu

Vertical Garden Designs in Wellness Space:

Beyond its functional advantages, the green wall serves as a striking decorative element in indoor pools and wellness areas, imparting a soothing and organic ambiance. It can be implemented in various configurations, such as vertical walls or ceiling installations, providing design flexibility to complement diverse aesthetics, surfaces, and requirements.

Practical Considerations and Maintenance:

To ensure the long-term durability of Benetti Moss, it is crucial to account for factors such as water, light, and exposure. While Benetti MOSS eliminates the need for watering and irrigation, its natural composition necessitates indoor placement away from direct sunlight exposure. To maintain optimal humidity levels and extend the lifespan of the green wall, we recommend using Moss Spray, specifically designed for this application.

Indoor vertical garden systems emerge as a solution of significant aesthetic impact, offering environmental sustainability and the ability to evoke feelings of well-being and relaxation.