Impactful vertical gardens for your interiors


How to give a touch of authentic, savage green to spaces? Here some green wall options to bring an authentic and easy to maintain vertical garden to your interiors.

Wall gardens dress with leaves and fronds for a spectacular effect

Benetti Leafage is an ideal choice for those who want to give to their interiors, hotel lobbies or other spaces, a real natural yet well-finished look. Like a garden decorated with ivy, the fronds cover whole walls or wall inserts creating innovative design and environmentally-friendly spaces.

Benetti Leafage

A green natural look

In Benetti Java different essences are mixed to create a great impactful, visual effect that stands out. With its look, it is able to give personality and originality to a space.

The appealing of hills that fade away on the horizon

A relaxing hilly landscape where elegance and harmony are to be enjoyed. Obtained from the combination of Moss, Leafage and Java, Benetti Millennium offers the variety of different essences and green shades and the geometric precision of lines.

Benetti Millennium

The beauty of an easy-to-maintain vertical wall

The beauty of a full natural wall garden is undeniable. In this context, maintenance could be a problem. But Benetti products need no maintenance. They also last long and they don’t attract insects or dust, so they could be installed also on the celling.

Natural, immersive, refined…Benetti Leafage dresses each space with the atmosphere of outdoors, not to mention the zero-maintenance. This product also respects nature without damage to the vegetation for those who aim at creating spaces with a green soul.