How to color a space?


Among the proposes of BENETTI HOME, you can find BATIK MOSAIC, an ultra-light and very thin mosaic made of resin where you can print digitally real photos in every format (that could be glossy or matt) to create decorative spaces with creativity and a touch of color!  

Easy to install, Batik Mosaic can adapt to every space

It could be placed in every space, indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for wellness and spa areas since it is moisture-resistant. It could be installed also on an existing wall, also on plasterboard or curved wall, requiring no brickwork. And, if you don’t want to use glue, you can ask for the self-adhesive version.

Benetti Batik Mosaic

Give identity to your interiors...

Do you have a picture representing your life? A color you’re crazy about? Or an evocative image you want to keep close to you. Now, you can give form to them and dress your interiors with full personalized creations.

Benetti Batik Mosaic

Personalize and customize your project

Choose among a wide range of solutions or create a mosaic starting from an image, a photo, a logo or an abstract idea… there is no limit to shapes, sizes, colors. Squared, hexagonal, rectangular forms, or rounded, leaf or eye-shaped pieces…different shapes and dimensions of Batik Mosaic pieces can be combined to create more original and extremely moved compositions to give each realization unique and personalized characteristics.   

Benetti Batik Mosaic

Play of lights for your interiors

Refined and dreamy sceneries thanks to the possibility of backlighting your Batik Mosaic: you can apply on glass or transparent surfaces thanks to a self-adhesive coating so your mosaic will be visible not only during the day but also at night with original spectacular effects of light and colors.

Benetti Batik Mosaic