Green Wall Decoration


Benetti Home creates incredible solutions, a vertical garden that expands on every surface, giving that touch of elegance to the environment.

Benetti moss develops in ever-changing directions and dimensions, creating a dynamic and eco-sustainable piece of furniture with a contemporary design that is "alive" both in terms of aesthetic value and benefits.

Natural shapes and colors and customization

The Benetti Moss Vertical garden is designed and created according to the needs of every single customer, they are vertical solutions installed on facades, walls and can be designed both indoor and outdoor. Benetti Moss transforms every room into an oasis of well-being and relax. For Benetti Home every place has a soul and representing it in the best possible way is our goal!

Benetti Moss Grass, Essere International Limited, Hong Kong

Benetti Moss, exclusive and with a thousand shades

Why Moss? The intuition of “moss” (moss that covers the pastures of the Scandinavian peninsula) was born about 15 years ago and is now wideky used on a variety of substrates for a variety of application destinations all over the world! From stores to offices, from conference rooms to reception areas to catering spaces, there are many environments that lend themselves to hosting Benetti Home’s proposal.