Green Indoor, embracing nature in retail


The green trend for indoor spaces is expected to continue growing in 2022. Plants as a design element in homes and offices are decorative and give great personality.

The identity of Benetti Home is perfectly aligned with the trend of the moment, in fact the company offers innovative and original solutions such as green walls, sophisticated and customizable design that decorate any type of environment and create a natural and exclusive atmosphere.

Vertical gardens are a combination of aesthetics and functionality, a new model of living. The contact with nature is scientifically proven to bring wellness to health and green contributes to improve concentration levels.


One area of application of vertical green walls is in retail and commercial spaces, where the presence of green areas has not only an aesthetic motivation, but also a business one, because it invites people to stay longer in the places of shopping, thanks to the feeling of well-being that inspires among visitors.

Benetti Home offers customized solutions for retail environments, stores and commercial spaces, vertical gardens, 100% natural and zero maintenance. With a touch of creativity and innovation Benetti offers more attractive solutions with a contemporary touch like Benetti Moss, the green wall that can sound!

Benetti Moss Forest, Feature, Las Vegas, USA


Thanks to many studies on green walls, also on an international level, it has been possible to highlight how having green in one's store increases the level of sales. Green leads to positive emotions that increase the perceived value of the product - about 40%.

Having a green wall not only decrease stress but also increase concentration and is good for your health. Moreover, it is a perfect design product to decorate your store, giving customers a sense of comfort and increased curiosity about the products on display for sale.

Benetti Moss Grass, Yves Rocher, Istanbul, Turkey