Free maintenance forever, also during the summer!


Green has always been among the elements chosen to enrich the spaces of homes and to give a touch of color and originality. Small or large, tall or low, vertical gardens are ideal for giving character and personality.

Your corner of green without maintenance: Benetti Moss Walls!

With summer and holidays, the time for taking care of your green spaces can be limited. 
The solution is the Moss Walls by Benetti Home!

Do you know that they do not need specific attentions and maintenance? Vertical gardens of Benetti Home are maintenance free! They do not attract dust or insects, maintaining over time their own characteristics of beauty and cleanliness. 

Moreover, vertical gardens do not need water passage to the wall with total absence of humidity!
Made with a 100% natural and stabilized lichen, Benetti MOSS allows you to create your own corner of green in any environment.

Benetti Moss Forest in a private villa, Bucharest, Romania

Green wall or ceiling, thanks to the versatility of Benetti Moss you choose!

Featuring highest versatility of application, the garden can be placed on the walls and even on the ceiling.

Benetti MOSS is an innovative product, to enrich the walls of any environment, private or public, with green panels custom-made by Benetti Home, which has always been able to adapt and meet the requests of each client.

It’s summer! Don’t give up your custom-made green space! Create your own natural habitat in your home, whether in the city or out of town!