Change your logo!


With Benetti Moss Logo you can make logos, writings and vegetal designs. The logo is made from 2 cm thick pvc sheets, cut out, milled and vegetalized! The fiking system allows you to slightly distance the logo from the wall and get a beautiful “hanging” effect.

The singularity of your brand

Not just the logo! Marks, phrases, thoughts…every inspiration can become a vertical garden! Not only Benetti Moss is green in color, with infinite shades of color you can make your writing even more unique, from fuchsia to blue to cream really so many shaeds for a 360 degree customization.

“Wellness” logos

Bring nature into your workplace, the main benefit is definitely related to health and well-being. The integration of a natural element completely revolutionizes the conception of the surrounding environmente with a concrete economic benefit on people’s health and on the quality of work of those who daily live it for several hours.

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