Benetti steps in Defhouse, the Milan based Creative Hub for Gen Z


From television studios to film sets and beyond, Benetti ventures into the world of social media, sealing a fresh partnership with Defhouse, a hub founded by Luca Casadei and Giuseppe Greco that welcomes some of Italy's most famous young content creators.


Defhouse emerged in 2020 as Italy's pioneering concept house, where until the summer of 2023, young artists lived day and night, stimulated and encouraged to cultivate their talents. A truly training hub for content creators, where young people lived their lives autonomously while attending training courses ranging from artistic themes to current issues such as ecology and sustainability, politics, and various forms of communication, as well as being introduced to new digital professions.

Defhouse is a project signed by WSC, a digital company specialized in content creation and training for the most followed creators in Italy. Founded in 2012 by Luca Casadei, a talent scout, communication expert, and entrepreneur.

Benetti for Defhouse

Benetti creates indoor vertical gardens in the Spa area of Defhouse and in the offices of Web Stars Channel

Within the Spa area, Defhouse hosts a "Winter Garden" where Benetti has crafted a wall using 100% natural lichen, stabilized in Moss Cream beige color. A notable feature is the introduction of a new product line: foliage that is not only stabilized but also dehydrated. Various types of natural plants, from pampas to eucalyptus, have been combined onto the lichen wall, requiring no maintenance as they do not need water or sunlight.

The strong scenic impact and aesthetic presence of Benetti's products are a major strength, but not the only ones. The presence of vertical greenery in indoor spaces also stems from the positive effects of relaxation and well-being generated by the sight and contact with the "green" element in homes, offices, commercial areas, restaurants, and hospitality venues.

This led WSC to install Benetti Moss panels in their offices. This intervention involved the placement of standard panels using the classic Moss Grass color—a light green—on the walls and columns of the workspaces.

Benetti for WSC offices

Customization and Versatility: The Success of Benetti Moss Vertical Gardens

The collaboration with Defhouse underscores how customization and versatility are key elements in Benetti's company philosophy. Opting for Benetti Moss vertical gardens allows for formats and sizes adaptable to space requirements and client intentions, enabling the creation of personalized walls through color play, line combinations, dimensions, and volumes.