Benetti Sound: your new soundtrack built into your vertical garden wall


And if walls could sing? What would the soundtrack to your days be like? Benetti Sound is the innovative vertical garden wall designed to integrate music, or whatever other sound background you may wish, into your space

Audio vertical green wall

Conceived with the ambition to deliver a green and contemporary product that can also add a musical background to any space, Benetti Sound is the innovative solution to make your vertical garden even more special. Whether we are talking commercial premises, wellness centres, offices, hotels or even home spaces, this is the perfect solution to combine a green visual impact with high-quality sound production.

Made with 100% natural preserved lichen, the Benetti Sound vertical garden is fitted with a sophisticated sound system, designed to deliver any type of sound, from background music to commercial information or more impactful soundtracks.

Benetti Moss, Biologisch: Edeka Ankermann, Meine, Germany

A therapeutic… vertical green wall

The positive effects of spaces in which greenery plays a key role are well known. Living and working surrounded by nature is a precious ally in terms of personal well-being and increases productivity and energy levels in work environments.

Benetti Moss in a private villa, Bucharest, Romania

Benetti Sound combines the benefits of a green choice with those of music, whose emotional impact in our day-to-day life is common knowledge

Listening to music is good for both our mental and physical health, reducing stress levels and boosting the immune system. The therapeutic power of music is confirmed by endless studies, just like the effects that different musical genres can have on mood, energy levels, relaxedness, etc.

Benetti Sound is the vertical garden  that combines the benefits of nature (our creations are all made with preservednatural materials and remain perfect for years with practically zero maintenance) with the benefits associated with listening to the perfect music to suit each environment or feeling.

Whether you are looking to create a welcoming and casual environment, add a positive energy buzz, encourage purchases by boosting client well-being and so on, many are the uses for our innovative vertical gardens, opening up a wide variety of new design opportunities for architects and interior designers.

Combining the benefits of nature with the positive energy of music into a single product thought to suit working, commercial, reception and home spaces: here is the mission behind our acoustic vertical green wall

One of the main advantages of the new Benetti Sound vertical garden is ease of installation: depending on the size of the wall and the shape and characteristics of the room, we work out how many sound elements are required, how these need to be positioned and what type of amplifier is best. Now all that remains to do is put up the framework, install the Benetti Moss panels, add the Benetti Sound system, connect the amplifier and… give voice to your new vertical green wall!