Benetti Moss on TV premier on HGTV - Home&Garden TV


Benetti Moss, vertical garden for interiors and leading product of Benetti Home, made its appearance on television in the prime time italian program Come la Vorrei.

Benetti Moss: the vertical garden in the premiere TV on HGTV with Paola Marella

Come la vorrei the new branded entertainment product created and realized by Prodotto, fattori di videoevoluzione in collaboration with Discovery Media Brand Solutions for Warner Bros, Discovery, is a program broadcasted in the premiere Tv on HGTV - HOME & GARDEN TV in November. Hosted by Paola Marella, Come la vorrei takes you on a journey to discover interior design and homes in Italy that offer numerous inspirational furnishing ideas and design solutions. The show is led by experts, architects, and designers who have brought these projects to life.

It is in the episode number 6 of the first season, titled “Recupero Metropolitano”, that Benetti Moss fits in, the zero-maintenance vertical garden for interiors made with a 100% natural and stabilized lichen, easy to manage. An apartment spanning 140 square meters, renovated and redesigned by architect Stefano Garoldi, located in the Tortona area of Milan, in the complex of the Riva Calzoni, ex mechanical factory producing turbines and pumps for hydroelectric power plants, area where today have their headquarters big fashion brands.

Benetti Moss in "Come la vorrei" italian program

Benetti Moss, the natural solution for every living area

The apartment's front door opens directly into the living room, where the focal point is a 'green stripe.' This wall features a six-meter-long panel of Benetti Moss, adding color and freshness to the space. Driven not only by an aesthetic appeal aligned with trends, but also by the undeniable positive impact of relaxation and well-being, Benetti Moss is the ideal solution to introduce a touch of greenery into residential environments that as the renovated apartment do not enjoy the presence of a green area outside.

Creating a natural ambiance within the living area is made possible by the versatility of application, allowing placement on walls or ceilings. The installation can be done either during the initial project phase or later in already furnished spaces. The product customization, since ever a strenght of Benetti Home, has facilitated the creation of a panel 6 meters long, tailored to the needs of the spaces and of the designer intentions, who chose a "classic" shade of green among the 12 available color options.

The product crafted by Benetti Home possesses unique characteristics, both from a technical point of view and for the amazing aesthetic impact, which effectively resolves the challenges that often complicate the use of indoor greenery.