Benetti Moss in New York


The heart of Benetti Home is Italian, but the company develops new innovative and exclusive projects all over the world!

The green vertical, Benetti Moss, is a versatile and internationally known design solution that suits any indoor and outdoor atmosphere. For Green Lovers, the vertical garden is a must have furniture element that is elegant, sustainable and smart, using cutting-edge technologies.

Benetti’s green vertical is 100% Made in Italy and is cared for with precision and attention. This product is not only used in Italy, it travels to projects on the other side of the Atlantic, such as in sparkling New York City!

Vertical Garden an oasis of paradise

With the Brooklyn project – national and local offices of New York’s most important companies – in collaboration with ezProNY – a renowned American company exclusively dedicated to the redesign of interiors and the construction of commercial space - the Benetti Moss vertical green is the focus of attention transforming the Indoor space of the Brooklyn Square into a magical atmosphere.

A redevelopment project of the Building that, thanks to the Vertical Garden Benetti Home, made the environment exclusive and Design, creating a unique atmosphere in harmony with nature.

Benetti Moss Forest, Ez Pro NY, New York, USA

A thousand variations of Green?

Benetti Home offers a complete line of vertical gardens to bring to life your custom green setting, inspired by nature and contemporary design. Benetti Roses, Bubble, (H)air and sky, Moss, Leafage, Java, Sprig and Millennium, different types of vertical green … The common thread? Creativity, Design e Sustainability.

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Benetti Moss Forest, Ez Pro NY, New York, USA