Benetti Moss, the green Water Free


Water Free? But not only! Benetti Moss vertical garden is maintenance-free there is no need to supply water to the plant or even light. With Benetti Moss, we enhance the special power of the vertical garden, a practical and fully customizable solution.

The stabilized Green

Stabilization is a true art! It allows the plant to retain its original appearance for a long time without the need for any care. Flowers, plants and foliage are picked at the best time of their life cycle when they look their best. The essences are subjected to a process of replacing the sap with a natural solution that allows the vertical greenery to retain its softness.

benetti Java, Hannover, Germany

Ethical and sustainable design

Nature all around us is an endless source of wealth and benefits and you can have it in your workspace, without the need for preservation or professional labor.

Green walls are unique and distinctive, improving indoor environments by making them healthier and ensuring more productive office hours, with a special focus on employee well-being.

Benetti Moss Green Mix