Benetti MOSS is creativity and imagination


Benetti MOSS can adapt to different and surprising contexts giving form to the imagination of architects and designers through the realization of unique, visually impactful products, interiors and moss walls.

A vertical garden that tells a story...

Smell the scent of the warm season with Benetti Roses, delicate moss roses on a vertical garden with an elegant romantic soul.

Benetti Pink Roses

Benetti Roses are natural, attractive and stabilized and give any space an imaginative elegant look. Stabilization gives durability to the product and, without any mantainance needed, it is a real daydream.

Vertical walls with many facets

Benetti MOSS plays with shapes and imagination creating bold moss walls. Benetti At-moss-sphere is a composition of spheres of different dimensions for walls and inserts with a great visual effect.

Benetti Bubble

It could be a whole wall or only the ceiling. It could help to create particular design compositions. Benetti At-moss-sphere could perfectly adapt to any need. It doesn’t release any material in the environment. It doesn’t collect dust or insects. It assures safety so you can create in peace.

3D originality

With Benetti Bubble, you could give movement to things that are normally static, such as the walls around you. This is a tridimensional solution of Benetti Home and it allows to choose the color shade or movement type of your walls without creating any damage to greenery and lasting over time.

Benetti Bubble

Discover, imagine, create...Benetti Home is personalization!