Benetti Home's vertical gardens as a furnishing element for receptions and welcoming spaces


The reception desk is the key element of hotels, offices, gyms, businesses, residences and retail spaces, as it is the primary place for welcoming and handling guests and customers. First impressions always count and furnishing the reception area with the right design helps make visitors feel comfortable.

Panels with different effects or on which company's logo can be imprinted to customize the spaces

Lighting, furnishings, and fixtures all play a crucial role. But in these spaces, it is also interesting to play with furniture panels that can give different effects on which the company's logo can be imprinted as well.

Benetti Home's vertical walls are a particular interior design furniture for reception desks, presenting itself as an aesthetic factor strongly linked to the trends of the moment – but at the same time able to generate positive effects of relaxation and well-being thanks to the visual and contact with the 'green' element. Moreover, thanks to the possible customization of the product, the formats and sizes available can be adapted to the needs of the space and the designer's intentions. Customized walls can be created through color play, dimensions, volumes, or combinations of filled and empty spaces.

Here are some reception designs that have chosen to use Benetti Home's vertical gardens:

Benetti Moss Grass, Element Hotel, Boulder, USA

Benetti Moss Grass, Astea S.P.A, Osimo, Italy

Benetti Moss Grass, Univel Management Company S.r.l., Castelfidardo, Italy