Benetti Home's diverse and creative offer


With the aim of bringing a green touch to your spaces, Benetti Home has designed a wide range of products that offer technical and aesthetic vantages and bring wellbeing to all. Creativity is the company’s common thread. Benetti Home is always inspired by nature, in a combination of colors, shapes and materials that can be fully customized. Benetti Moss is a true design creation, a vertical wall, original and durable, which gives an original look to every space.

Benetti Roses, a vertical garden that tells a fairy tale.

Benetti Pink Roses

At-moss-phere, a moss wall with character and personality

Inserted with a strong visual effect, shapes and fantasy define this product. Green spheres of various dimensions embellish an entire wall or ceiling, or create particular design pieces according to the customer’s taste.

Benetti Red Roses

Benetti Bubble, originality in 3D.

Give movement to static walls with Benetti Bubble. Totally customizable, from colors to shapes, it makes any kind of atmosphere exclusive; a green touch completely original.

Benetti Java, Hannover, Germany

Benetti Leafage, the garden embraces leaves and fronds.

Looking for a natural look that takes care of itself? Benetti Leafage is the ideal choice, creating design spaces, a state-of-the-art product, turned towards nature.

Benetti Moss in a private villa, Thailand