Benetti Home on Pole Position tv program – Businesstv24 Sky


Benetti Home at Pole Position, the tv program of Business24 Tv hosted by Denny Mendez, on Sky. 

Benetti Home: from the stone interior design industry to the green interior design industry

Business24 is one of the most important magazines in Italy for information in the business sector, specialized in interviews with entrepreneurs and managers, with the format of talk-shows. Pole Position is a program in which entrepreneurs and brands can introduce their company story as well as the key concepts behind their success.

Welcomed by Denny Mendez, Stivens Benetti, owner of the company, tells the story of Benetti Home, which started in the stone interior design industry and then continued in the green interior design industry producing interior vertical gardens for the HO.RE.CA and retail world.

The main product presented by Stivens is Benetti Moss, a vertical garden with zero maintenance, lichen 100% natural and stabilized.

“Stabilization is the keyword, our products are without maintenance” states Benetti, specifying that this is the reason of success. Once installed the product doesn’t need light or water.


Benetti Home: customized design and innovation for the global market

The company works in collaboration with architectural studios with custom-made projects. 

“Creating a custom product is one of Benetti Home core business, together with our flexibility to meet the demands of customers from different sectors.”

During the interview at Pole Position, Stivens Benetti Stivens Benetti releases some previews on future updates. Benetti Home has recently collaborated with an important architectural studio with the aim of presenting on the market new collections that integrate the vertical garden with sound-absorbing materials and lighting materials.

The main target of Benetti Home is a foreign market, especially the Us market, faster to deal with. At the same time the company is strengthening its position on the national market.

The corporate pay-off? “Italian Design Emotion”, three simple and effective words which represent the core business of Benetti Home, an Italian company able to create a design space that arouses unique emotions.