Benetti Home: The Moss that transforms work environments, Benetti's distinctive touch for Sambonet


The collaboration between Benetti Home, renowned specialist in vertical garden with Moss as its distinctive signature, and Sambonet, historical producer of cutlery and tableware from Piemonte region, has been successfully completed.

Green innovation tailored for work and restaurant environments

Once again, Benetti has excelled in completing the design and realization of the green wall, an ideal solution for both work and restaurant mileu, thanks to its practicality, low maintenance requirements, and long-lasting durability.

One of Benetti Home's distinctive features is its ability to customize every project and space according to the specific needs of the client. The vertical green wall was carefully designed and tailor-made for the cafeteria at Sambonet's headquarters. The vibrant Forest-colored BenettiMoss was skillfully covered with wooden slats, creating a perfect blend with the surroundings.

Benetti Moss for Sambonet Headquarters

Creating Regenerative Workspaces

To further contribute to the improvement of employees' work environment, eight elegant Sofia Model planters measuring 25.8 x 69.2cm have been integrated.

In this new project, Benetti Home has once again demonstrated its versatility and commitment to creating tailored solutions for work place. The introduction of the indoor vertical garden not only adds a touch of greenery and nature to the cafeteria but also offers an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being to employees, thus contributing to creating a more comfortable and welcoming workplace.

Benetti Moss for Sambonet Headquarters