Around the world, even at home with Benetti Home


Summer has arrived and it is holiday time. There are those who have already taken the first plane to enjoy a sunny seaside resort or to discover a new city.

There are those who, however, have to wait, and for the moment they can only travel with their mind.

For all wanderlusters, Benetti Home takes you around the world designing green walls to reproduce a world map, proposing the Piece of Art collection by MR. FLOCK.

Piece of Art collection brings you the world in your house

MR. FLOCK, a compact, lightweight and soundproofing substrate, treated with the flocking technique (velveting), makes the surface soft and pleasant to the touch. It is also used in combination with Benetti MOSS, natural and stable vertical garden.

Piece of Art collection brings you the world in your house. Made on multiple panels of a size 60x60cm each, making up 180x120cm.

The combination of the two products of Benetti, MR. FLOCK and Benetti MOSS, allows the creation of a visually and soft scenographic panel representation the world with the use of the two products signed Benetti, marked by using different colors available in the Benetti MOSS collection.

Through the Piece of Art collection, Benetti Home expresses in the best way possible its creativity, with a customized product that gives color and originality to the ambiences, providing a sense of internationality.

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