Vertical gardens: a sustainable contemporary design choice


Green, sustainable… and beautiful! Vertical gardens are a sustainable choice that is gaining increasing popularity in the world of interior design, with architects and designers delving into the visual and functional possibilities of these systems and the systems themselves rapidly evolving to provide more and more opportunities for creative expression.

Vertical gardens are the quintessence of sustainable design

Who doesn’t experience a sense of well-being only by thinking of a green space in which nature plays the leading role? It is precisely this deep connection between natural spaces and personal well-being - physical and mental - that lies at the heart of the success that vertical gardens are enjoying in the world of architecture.

Benetti Moss Grass, 8piùhotel, Lecce, Italy

Big or small, covering entire buildings or internal facades, fully-fledged monuments to nature or clever additions nodding to the world of art, vertical gardens are a sustainable contemporary design choice that has only just started exploring its creative and composition possibilities.

Offerings in this field proliferate, presenting designers with an increasingly wide array of possibilities. And if typical luxury creations, such as the famous Bosco Verticale (Vertical Woods) in Milan, were thought to make the cover of architecture magazines, installations now come in all shapes and forms, including contemporary design vertical gardens in interior spaces.

Benetti Moss

Vertical gardens and sustainability: taking greenery where it has never been before

And so, greenery is making its way into new spaces - spaces it had never accessed before. We see it adorning hotel foyer walls and office buildings, embellishing commercial premises and wellness areas, hanging on living room walls like artwork, or cascading off the ceiling to recreate the effect of a forest, in compositions that are at once elegant and impactful.

Benetti Moss Forest in a private villa, Bucharest, Romania

Vertical gardens are the green and sustainable touch that can add a truly unique feel to any spaces, allowing to give life to highly-original projects, in which creative and design concepts can be freely pursued.

Combining different natural species and colours, alternating mosses with more luxuriant foliage, creating custom colours, setting off the strong personality of leafage by hanging it freely off walls and ceilings, having fun with relief moss compositions: designing with plants has never been easier, thanks to the new possibilities offered by vertical gardens.

Preserved vertical gardens are not just a sustainable choice, but also a winning solution in terms of product maintenance and lifespan. Our creations undergo a special process - employing natural and biodegradable preservatives - that is designed to protect the beauty, freshness and flexibility of natural elements for many years, without requiring any maintenance after installation.

Benetti Moss